10 months old!

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It’s crazy that Rowan has been here for 10 months. The time really has flown by! Rowan weighs 18lbs 20z and is hovering at right around 27inches long. She’s doing great! She has been healthy and the retching and vomiting has officially stopped. We are back on the eating train. We discovered that she likes ginger and soy sauce so Ryan is making her Filipino babyfood. She’s my asian baby afterall!

Rowan isn’t crawling yet and is getting increasingly frustrated about it. She WANTS to move but doesn’t want to have to bear weight on her arms, which is kind of necessary. She has learned to log roll to get where she wants to go.  She will bear weight on her legs now so we’ve been practicing standing with support. Whatever. Rowan will do it eventually. Her ECI coordinator put Rowan at 12 months cognitively so I’m not sweating the physical stuff. Rowan’s communication is a little behind but that is also normal for tubefed/ low tone babies. She definitely has “the spark” as one therapist put it.

Some newer pics

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I also add pics to the photo gallery.