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Fun Times in Rowan-land!

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I realized I haven’t posted an update on Rowan lately. So let’s see…Rowan took her first steps on her 23 month birthday. She didn’t really want to walk but when she turned 2, a switch was flipped and she decided to walk all the time. It was really amazing. She just decided she was over the crawling thing, and wanted to walk. Rowan also decided that a 2 year old can’t be fed my mom anymore and must feed herself. So, Rowan feeds herself all her meals. She’s not so good with the utensils yet, but she’s trying.

Nowadays, Rowan is running after the cats, playing with Sophie and getting into trouble. She throws tantrums because she doesn’t want to go to bed, and runs away from diaper changes. Basically a typical 2 year old. Her major thing now is in speech. Language/speech issues are super common in DiGeorge kids. A lot of kids have problems with receptive and expressive language. Rowan has NO problem with receptive language. She understands everything. Expressive language, i.e. speech, is a different matter. Rowan only really says “mama” and “dada” but has really started trying to talk in the last few weeks. Every once in a while, she’ll say something like “hi mama”. I swear she’s said “cookie”, and “thank you”. We have witnesses who heard her say “two” while we were counting during Thanksgiving! The words are in there, they just need help getting out!

So that’s where we are. Rowan is a sweet, loving, crazy 2 year old. She is so much fun!