More Photos

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Yes, she now has a mohawk instead of a comb over

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Can’t get tired of testing these photos!

Testing a new lense

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And some other neato stuff.   So Cute!!!

Exciting Stuff!

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Yes, I know I’ve been slacking on updating this blog. Rowan has been doing great!  She has been going to see the cardiologist every month since her discharge because of a renarrowing of her aorta. Well, nothing had changed as of the last visit so we go back in TWO months! Progress! The doc was very happy with how she’s growing and pretty much just cooed over her.

Rowan weighs 13lbs 5 oz, is 23.5 inches long and still has a smallish head that is finally on the growth charts. She’s not rolling yet. She has gotten most of the way over from back to stomach but just fell asleep. I’d be surprised if Rowan rolled over anytime soon. She is just not that interested in it.

The most recent good news is that Rowan FINALLY got clearance to start oral feeds. She has no idea what to do with a bottle and doesn’t really like liquid in her mouth, but it’s something!