Big Girl!

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Nana (Ryan’s mom) took this picture of Rowan on her phone. She looks like such a big girl!

She’s 8 months old!

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Rowan is definitely keeping me on my toes. Medically, we’ve had a lot of really annoying and occasionally stressful days. First, the important things..At her weigh-in last week she weighed 16lbs 4 oz and was 25.5 inches long. Basically she’s short and chubby. Healthwise she is doing well. She had a couple of weeks where she was really tired and lethargic for days. That was really scary and stressful. There was some drama involved in attempting to get medical attention from Rowan’s pediatrician but I won’t dwell on that. Suffice to say, he’s fired. We don’t know what was going but she is back to normal now. She has started retching again but we know have a GI doc who prescribed her a new medication that should hopefully stop that. Her previous med, Reglan, will probably be taken off the market due to neurological side effects (thankfully Rowan didn’t have any of those). In two days we saw the Endocrinologist (really just the endocrinology Fellow), the Immunologist (who said she looked great), the Cardiologist and the GI doc. Her cardiologist assured me that her heart is fine and wouldn’t cause any issues like lethargy. Did I mention that I love him?

Anyway, the retching has caused  a step back in the eating department. Rowan will start retching the minute I put food in her mouth and she won’t drink anything. Today was a good day, though. She ate hummus off a pita chip at therapy today. A garlic, seasoned pita chip. She is clearly my daughter! I think once her tummy is back under control her eating will take off. Unfortunately, she doesn’t like baby food. Ryan and I are going to have to improve our eating habits if we are going to share our food with Rowan!

Rowan is also doing physical therapy twice a week now. She has low tone in her trunk and isn’t quite sitting on her own yet and won’t bear weight on her arms. Rowan is pretty stubborn so I think she will be ok. Once she decides she wants to do it, she will.

They call this “therapy”?

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New photos from the last visit

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A couple of new favorite photos from my last visit to Houston a couple weeks ago.