“She really likes her food..”

December 26th, 2009 Posted in Medical Updates | 2 Comments »

Crawling isn’t even the most exciting thing going on in Rowan-land. Rowan is officially eating! It’s crazy.  It’s like a switch turned on and she just decided that eating is a worthwhile thing to do. She started taking down jars of baby food and is now eating mashed table food. All within three weeks! Rowan will even feed herself Cheerios and graham crackers. I hand or spoon feed her most of the time, though, because she throws EVERYTHING.

Rowan’s feeding therapist is very impressed with her progress. Last week, Rowan yelled at her because the therapist was too slow with the butternut squash! I can’t quite believe that Rowan is really eating. I keep thinking that Rowan will refuse to eat like she’s done in the past. But her therapist doesn’t think so. She feels we’re past that..because Rowan really likes her food.

Milestone – Crawling!!

December 23rd, 2009 Posted in Videos | 3 Comments »

Several times today, including with witnesses, after remote controls and lollipops.

Clear sense of the necessities of life.