It’s Snow White!

October 31st, 2009 Posted in Photos | 3 Comments »

Snow White Happy

Here is the princess before PT on Thursday. She is feeling a little under the weather so no Halloween parties for us today. But we will definitely be taking more pics of Rowan in her costume. Hopefully we can finally get some good pictures of Sophie in her costume…as Darth Sophie.

Happy Birthday Peanut!

October 17th, 2009 Posted in Medical Updates, Photos | 3 Comments »

Rowan, aka Peanut, is now officially a toddler. She’s not actually toddling yet, but who cares? Rowan is doing great. She’s willful, feisty, stubborn. She loves to “dance” to the opening credit songs of the Twilight Zone and NCIS. She will laugh and wave whenever Hugh Laurie is on TV. Rowan is also a huge flirt. Not shy at all. She will smile and wave at anyone. Recently we were¬† waiting for a chest Xray. There was this poor man in the waiting room who was obviously in pain probably due to broken ribs. Rowan got him to smile and babytalk to her. Ridiculous! She is a charmer for sure.

Of course, the downside to this stubbornness is that Rowan is not eating at all. She just shakes her head whenever I offer her food. We’re back in therapy for it. One of the things I keep remembering is something Rowan’s PICU nurse Trent said. The day after her heart surgery, Trent said that he had a feeling that Rowan isn’t going to be the type of person to do something just because we want her to. She will do it when SHE wants to. That’s been the truest thing anyone has ever said about her! Once she decided to be mobile, she was. I have a feeling the eating thing will be the same way.

Health stuff: Immunology? “She looks great, I’ll see you in a year.” Cardiology? “She looks great, I’ll see you in 6 months”. We are being cautious now that we’re in cold/flu/RSV season though. I’m not taking any chances!on the move