Prettiest Flower Girl Ever!

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Prettiest Ever

Rowan was a flower girl in Ryan’s cousin Mallory’s wedding a few weeks ago in New Orleans. She did a GREAT job! Personally I think she stole the show (although Mallory did look amazing!).

As for other Rowan news, she’s doing so well. It’s always a good day when the therapists come out glowing about how well Rowan’s doing. We’ve had A LOT of good days lately. She’s talking more and more (and singing!), and using complete sentences. After a year of work, she’s finally mastered the “kkk”sound. That’s huge because her speech therapist has had to manipulate her soft palate to get her to make that sound. Which is as pleasant as it sounds. No more, though! She’s making k sounds all over the place.

Rowan is becoming more and more physically active. Running around, hopping and recently taught herself how to┬ásomersault! She’s gotten pretty crazy and a bit defiant, which is a lot of fun. She’s been healthy and just a typical 3 year old. I’ll take it!

Twinkle Twinkle

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This video is a couple months old now. Rowan has been busy perfecting this and the ABC song!