Visiting Houston

February 28th, 2010 Posted in Photos | 1 Comment »

Shawn is visiting Houston and a plethora of photos are forthcoming! A couple of my favorites from yesterday

She’s pretty awesome

February 15th, 2010 Posted in Photos | 4 Comments »

And she know it! The eating is going great.  Her feeding therapist has started using food to bribe her to do more speech related therapy. How awesome is that? Rowan will demand Cheerios or Puffs and pitch a fit if you don’t give them to her. She’s eating pasta, scrambled eggs, peas, green beans, cheesy toast and blueberries. Lots and lots of blueberries. The only purees we give her are the ones I have on hand to make my life easier.

The pediatrician is totally on board with taking the tube out as soon as Rowan can drink enough liquid to keep hydrated. That’s really the only stumbling block now. But Rowan is drinking more and more every day so I’m not too worried. She’s doing it! She really is!