Talking, Talking, and Talking some more!

March 21st, 2011 Posted in Medical Updates | 3 Comments »

Yup, Rowan is definitely talking! She only has about 10 words (and sadly, one of those words is Elmo) but she likes to use them. All the time. I think I mentioned before that Rowan has difficulty coordinating all the muscles involved in making verbal sounds, and a bit of a palate issue that makes certain sounds harder to make. All this is true, but our girl is still trying. So her words that she says without prompting and relatively properly are…

Mama, Dada, Nana (grandma), ba-bye, all done (“ah duh”), bath, ball, ice (she says this now instead of asking for water), up (working on “duh” for down), and yes, Elmo. There are a few more she’s working on. She says “nana” for banana,”aba” for apple and her friend Abby, and something like “daddee” for doggie (Sophie). She also uses “baba” for bubbles. There are plenty of other words she uses but they aren’t super consistent. “Help” is probably the next one we’ll be adding to the list.

So she’s coming along! It’s so exciting to watch her use her words more and more.

I Love This Kid!

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Photos by Mustard Seed Photography